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5701 Red Bird Center Dr. (Quest/Quest Middle School) | 6901 S. Westmoreland Dr (Genesis)
Dallas, TX 75237
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Folder Board Meeting Mintues (41 Files)
pdf file 11.20.14.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 12.20.14.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 01.15.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 02.19.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 3.19.15 Minutes.pdf
pdf file 04.30.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 04.25.15 Minutes.pdf
pdf file 05.21.15 Minutes.pdf
pdf file 06.11.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 07.9.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 08.20.15 Minutes.pdf
pdf file 09.14.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 10.15.15 Minutes (1).pdf
pdf file 11.19.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 12.17.15.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 1.22.16 Resolution Authorizing Certain Charter Expansion.pdf
pdf file 01.21.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 02.18.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 2.18.16 signed resolution (1).pdf
pdf file 02.24.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 04.9.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 05.13.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 05.19.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 05.20.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 5.20.16 Signed Resolution (revised).pdf
pdf file 06.16.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 07.11.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 07.21.16.Minutes (1).pdf
pdf file 7.21.16 SIGNED Borrower Resolution Series (1).pdf
pdf file 08.16.16.Minutes (1).pdf
pdf file 8.16.16 Budget.pdf
pdf file 08.5.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 09.15.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 10.2.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 10.20.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 10.20.16 Non-Expansion Resolution SIGNED.pdf
pdf file 12.5.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 12.5.16 Acquistion of Real Property Resolution SIGNED.pdf
pdf file 12.14.16.Minutes.pdf
pdf file 1.4.17 Minutes.pdf
pdf file 1.4.17 SIGNED Expansion Resolution.pdf
Folder Board Policies (8 Files)
pdf file 200.100 Nepotism_Legal Authority.pdf
pdf file Module100 Financial Operations.pdf
pdf file Module 200 Governance Organization.pdf
pdf file Module 300 General School Operations.pdf
pdf file Module400_Students_UPDATE_ext.pdf
pdf file Module 500 Open Government.pdf
pdf file Module 600 Human Resources.pdf
pdf file All board legal docs through 2010.pdf
Folder Agendas (1 Files)
pdf file 7.24.18 Board Posting.pdf

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