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A. W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy

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Vision Statement

The vision of A.W. Brown Leadership Academy is to provide a learning environment in which children are trained, prepared and equipped for life leadership and academic excellence.



It is the vision of a drug-free, violence-free, loving, encouraging, mutually respectful atmosphere in which teachers will feel safe to teach, students will feel safe and motivated to learn and parents will feel comfortable leaving their children.



Is it the vision of a place where students can discover, examine, experiment with and experience time-honored values of quintessential human living by observing and interacting with mature teachers and administrators who exemplify those values in their daily walk.



It is the vision of helping every student to assess the critical needs and condition of his/her world, discover tenable solutions, and develop a comprehensive plan for using his/her areas of strength to improve the world during his/her lifetime.



It is the vision of serving as the national paradigm for existing charter schools in America, and as a resource, guide and facilitator for the establishment of new charters.