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A. W. Brown Leadership Academies

iStation @ Genesis Campus Computer Lab

Good Behavior Incentive Assembly @ Quest Campus

iStation @ Quest Campus Computer Lab
Scholars Engaged in Learning

Scholars Engaged in Learning

Bulletin Board » We Are Blessed, Because We Choose to Be a Blessing!

We Are Blessed, Because We Choose to Be a Blessing!

What sets A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy apart from other institutions of education?

Many things come to mind: our wise and supportive administration, our passionate and proficient staff of educators, our state of the art facilities and technology, our unified commitment to the vision of our founder, Rev. Armond W. Brown, and to the mission of our school to produce S.E.E.D.S. (Smart, Effective, Efficient, Disciplined Students). All of these things set us apart and keep us ahead of the pack, but one characteristic stands out more than any other…it would be hard to find any school in American more generous than A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy. The generosity of our students and their families is what truly sets us apart. How is this generosity impacting our community and world? Below is a list of the local and global charity programs that we as a school family are involved in on a yearly basis (click on a link to learn more):