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iStation @ Quest Campus Computer Lab
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Scholars Engaged in Learning

Bulletin Board » AWBFLA Wellness Policy

AWBFLA Wellness Policy

A. W. BROWN LEADERSHIP ACADEMY has a school wellness plan that focuses on maintaining high standards of nutrition, health and physical activity. We are constantly faced with making proper wellness and nutrition choices on a daily basis. Therefore, it is our overall goal to promote student health and wellness by:

· teaching skills that are needed to adopt healthy eating habits;
· integrating nutrition into the health education and science curricula;
· incorporating physical activity into the overall school program;
· providing on-going professional training for related staff; and,
· ensuring students are provided a clean, safe, and orderly eating environment.

We realize the heath and well-being of children are essential in producing smart, effective, efficient, and disciplined students (S.E.E.D.S.). Quarterly wellness policy meetings are held whereby potential stakeholders are invited to attend .

Healthy Bodies fuel successful learning!
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