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Scholars Engaged in Learning

ERate FAQ's » ERate FAQ's

ERate FAQ's

Q: What is the projected student count for the current 470?
A: 150 - 300
Q: Why is the filing BEN # on the 470 different from the BEN # number in the narrative section of the 470?
A: The BEN needed to bid is the District BEN 17002366. The BEN 17016013 relates to the site where services are needed. Selecting the second BEN will give details on the new location. 
Q: Are you looking to use existing hardware for your Voice Services or should the vendor provide actual phones/handsets?
A: We will provide the hardware.
Q: Are you requesting Internet services for the other District locations or is it only for the new location?
A: No, we are currently under contract with another vendor for Internet services. The only location that will need service is the one 4221 Walton Walker location. 
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