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Scholars Engaged in Learning

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Field Trips

Field Trips

Field trips serve the instructional program by utilizing educational resources of the community. Permission slips provided in the enrollment packets must be signed and returned by a parent or guardian in order for a student to be eligible for participation. For security reasons, verbal permission will not be accepted.

Teachers will notify parents prior to all field trips. A parent may be required to accompany a student who has continuing and ongoing instances of misbehavior. Moreover, students will be prohibited from attending reward field trips for repetitive and ongoing misbehavior.

From time to time, the school may select volunteers to assist the staff and students.
Volunteers must follow all of the rules and regulations of the school to the same extent as employees of the school and any additional rules or directives required. Volunteers must sign in at the main office each day before beginning their assignments. Please be advised that both federal and state law requires criminal history background checks for anyone accompanying students on a field trip.

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