About AWB

Mission Statement

The mission of A. W. Brown Leadership Academy is to produce smart, effective, efficient, disciplined scholars by creating an environment in which teachers feel safe and free to teach and scholars feel safe and motivated to learn.

Academic Education ~ The Brown scholar experiences a curriculum designed to open scholars to the richness of their own intellect, as well as content area mastery. The academic rigor characteristic of a Brown education requires that the scholar attain a considerable level of proficiency in these disciplines. All the academic structures of Brown assist the scholar in discovering himself/herself as an individual of reason, education, and culture.

Character Education ~ every subject area, every teaching method, every attitude, every action of scholar or teacher is a means of training character. Character training takes place throughout the day, no matter what else is being taught. Teachers maintain orderly, structured classrooms and expect the scholars to work hard to learn content, and in the process, teach them to: love wisdom, respect authority, pay attention, and obey willingly and immediately.  In addition, they are taught to be diligent workers, honest at all times, and orderly and organized.

Social Education ~ the development of the scholar's academic, character and social maturity is a task shared jointly by the family and Brown. The school provides both individual and collective opportunities where a scholar can grow as an individual and work as part of a group. Brown strives to promote an increase in acceptance of people of diverse cultures culminating in respectful attitudes toward all people. Personal responsibility and responsibilities toward the wider community are taught through unselfish public service and dedication to honoring one's commitments.

School Motto   ~ "Soaring to Success"

School Mascot ~  Golden Eagle

School Colors  ~   Red, White and Gold

School Pledge  ~  “As a proud member of the A.W. Brown Leadership family, I promise to respect my teachers and fellow scholars  at all times; to obey all the rules, to protect the physical beauty of the building and to strive daily to improve myself in attitude, intellect, character, and body.”


The A.W. Brown Vision

The vision of the A. W. Brown Leadership Academy is to provide a learning environment in which
scholars are trained, prepared and equipped for life leadership and academic excellence.

  •   It is the vision of a drug-free, violence-free, loving, encouraging, mutually respectful atmosphere in which teachers will feel safe to teach, scholars will feel safe and motivated to learn and parents will feel comfortable leaving their children.

  • It is the vision of equipping every scholar with the academic skills, moral powers, social tools, psychological awareness, spiritual vision and physical readiness to succeed in any school that serves levels at or beyond the grades served by A.W. Brown Leadership Academies.

  • It is the vision of helping every scholar to assess the critical needs and condition of his/her world, discover tenable solutions, and develop a comprehensive plan for using his/her areas of strength to improve the world during his/her lifetime.

  • It is the vision of serving as the national paradigm for existing charter schools in America, and as a resource, guide and facilitator for the establishment of new charters.


The A. W. Brown Leadership Academy is a third generation elementary school presently serving students from pre-kindergarten three-year-olds through eighth grade. Founded in 1999 by the Reverend Armond W. Brown, this charter represents the most contemporary and aggressive trend of thought in public pro-choice education today.
Although the school is technically classified “public”, what makes it unique is the rare fusion of the tuition-free aspect of traditional public school education and the rigorous academic requirements, discipline, and learning climate historically associated with private school education. Armed with a faculty of the most experienced and well-equipped teachers in North Texas, the school is clearly committed to the mission of “building a firm academic, attitudinal, and moral foundation that will support a lifetime of high achievement for each of its students in the classroom, the home, and society.”
AWBLA is located in the urban southern sector of Dallas, Texas, commonly known as Oak Cliff and serves a racially diverse body of students (98% African American, 1% Hispanic, and .01% Anglo). Our student body population is predominantly comprised of moderate to low-income families, with over 86% of the student population considered at-risk or economically disadvantaged.
Historical Highlights:

1999 - The school opened with 109 PreK-3rd Grade students at the Fellowship Baptist Church of Oak Cliff (sponsoring entity)
2004 - A. W. Brown North Campus Opened
2009 - PreKindergarten Satellite Campus Opened at Concord Missionary Baptist Church
2010 - Name changed to A. W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy
2016 - Dr. Laura Mimms was named the Superintendent

2017 - Name changed to A. W. Brown Leadership Academy; Early Childhood Campus renamed as Genesis Campus and serves grades PreK3-5th; Intermediate Campus renamed as Quest Campus/Quest MS Campus and serves grades K-8th.

2018 - Anthony Jefferson was named Interim Superintendent

2019 - Anthony Jefferson was named Superintendent

2023 - Shenikwa Cager named as Interim Superintendent