Special Services Department


Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website. Here at A. W. Brown Leadership Academy, we strive to provide our parents with valuable information and resources that can be easily accessed from our website. We are committed to providing quality services to students with disabilities. This commitment is based upon the belief that special education is a service and not a place. Each scholar identified with a disability and a demonstrated educational need for special education services is provided access to the general curriculum and opportunities to progress in the general curriculum.

A team of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, administrators, and other specialists, work together to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to address each scholar’s educational needs, followed by consideration of the type and level of support each scholar needs to meet IEP goals.

A. W. Brown Leadership Academy adheres to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and ensures that every scholar with disabilities is placed in the Least Restrictive Environment needed to allow success in achieving IEP goals.

We look forward to partnering with you to meet the needs of your scholar.

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