Misson Statement

The mission of A. W. Brown Leadership Academy Counseling Services Department is to maintain a comprehensive, proactive, effective, and developmentally appropriate counseling and guidance program that empower scholars academically and socially while challenging them to become independent thinkers and responsible citizens. 

What is a School Counselor?


A school counselor is a certified, trained, caring, and nurturing professional who helps promote academic and social-emotional success for students.  Some of the topics I will address with students are: self-esteem, transitions, homework, safety, accepting others, behavior, bullying, peer conflict, death/loss, separation/divorce, and much more! School counseling is a short-term resource for students. However, when there are issues that require more in-depth attention, a community resource referral will be recommended and is available upon request.


What types of services are provided?

o   Individual counseling

o   Group counseling

o   Classroom/Virtual guidance lessons

o   Crisis counseling and community referrals

o   Staff and student behavioral support

o   Help promote a positive school climate

o   Assist in academic and social growth

o   Act as an advocate for students


 A parent may request individual counseling for their child by contacting me via email, letter, or telephone. Permission is needed for any child to receive regular counseling, whether individual or group.


Students may receive counseling services for the following:

o   Feel confused, sad, or lonely

o   Defiance w/peers and adults

o   Decision-making skills

o   Just need someone to talk to



When your child talks to the school counselor, the discussion is confidential.  The only time confidentiality will disclose confidential information is if your child indicates that he/she is planning to harm someone, themselves, or if someone is harming them. Counseling is intended to be a safe and non-threatening environment in which to reflect and problem solve. I am very excited to implement this year’s counseling program as we strive to be the urban premier school district.

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